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About Denise

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As a self-made jewelry artisan, I understand the struggles of trying to make it on your own as a business owner. I believe by sharing my experiences as a artisian while achieving my entrepreneural goals will help you achieve yours.

Denise Williams – My Story

I was a part time solopreneur looking to catapult my business to the next level vowing ‘this year’ would be the year that I would launch my part time passion into a full time business. I declared that every year for more years that I care to admit. The challenge that I had, that I am sure many people have, is that I had a full time job that I needed to support my household expenses.

I took the long journey of trial and error, seeking and searching the web, buying packages and programs only to end up confused, frustrated, feeling alone and feeling like I had some pieces to the puzzle but not all of pieces to make the picture complete. I wanted more out of the business that I love but had no clear pathway to get there. The sad part was that most of the information I learned was valuable but not organized in a way that would take me from where I was to where I wanted to be.

What became evident was managing the business portion of my passion business is the last thing that I want to do – but it had to be done otherwise I’d remain stuck. Worse of all, I realized that since I did not have a plan, I would never be able to support myself financially, which I knew was possible. I knew that if I did not make a clear plan to move from my job to a full time business, I would have nothing more than a glorified hobby that I can share with a few customers and friends.

The missing puzzle piece however was something that I didn’t expect. What was missing was I needed was a clear actionable plan.

Why Work With Me?

For over 25 years I have been in the corporate and the public sector as an Information Technology professional.  While I’ve successfully spent many years learning business strategies, designing and implementing many corporate projects, I’ve also nutured my creative side personally to insure that I kept a balance between both worlds.

As a creative with technical and corporate roots I have a hybrid of knowledge that can navigate you through the challenges of launching the business of your dreams – your business.

Work With Me To Guide You Through Your Business Development In The Areas Of: